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[SA] Miki Hydes by XBakaNinGyoX
[SA] Miki Hydes
Miki Hydes | 'The Ringmaster' | ♀ | 17 |  Human |  The Conjurer | 159 cm

☑ theatrical plays and musicals
☑ making up puns and inappropriate jokes
☑ street food, some fair share of high class meals
☑ collecting plushies ['' a very expensive hobby '']
☑ discovering something new

☒ expired face masks    
☒ any forms of interruptions
☒ not having any sort of entertainment
☒ falling sick
☒ oppressing companies
☒☒ dark transmutes

Adaptable | Adventurous | Friendly | Careless | Impulsive | Sarcastic
Miki, at first impression, is very honest and straightforward. She gave off the friendly vibes and
rarely had any malicious intents. Miki does get angry at times, but she never favours
violences, choosing to pick the civil way to settle arguements. She would often love to
volunteer and show off her abilities, but at the same time, with her paranoid mind she shows
less of what she is truly capable of.  

Backstory: The paternal side of the family has a unique lineage. The family has a successful
line of circus business, passed down to the willing heir. Miki's great grandfather was well-
known for being a great ringmaster and conducting impressive shows. As soon as the
mysterious disappearance began, business went down. It then completely demolished as a
whole when the Dark Transmutes came up. In an attempt to revive the circus lineage, Miki's
father taught her anything that it is about to be a ringmaster, and decided to open up one last,
hopeful show. Miki, back then, was a very happy child and unaware of the danger. When the
circus was about to end its show, a horde of dark transmuted crows attacked. Leaving Miki
and her mother traumatized as they watched the ringmaster being torn apart while trying to
protect them.

Years later, Miki is now on her adolescence stage. Her mother  told her the story of how both
her and her husband met. She then found out that her mother is skilled at mystic arts when she
was migrated into a magic nation. Miki was offered to be under her mother's tutelage into
magic in hopes of Miki learning to be independent when the day of her mother's time come.
She accepted.

Miki one day stumbled upon the Solaratta Academia. She had high hope of being able to
develop more there and help with the resistance against the dark transmutes. She left with
one last glance of her parent's graves behind.

''Mom. Dad. I'll make you proud! I promise.''

Spiritual Division
Position/Year Level: 2
Weapon of choice: Deck of Cards, affecionately named 'Circe Cards' by Miki. The cards granted her
the ability to summon up various magic like elemental attacks, generating forcefields,
augmenting and flight. Miki's battle technique usually includes fireballs and lightning bolts.
Her strongest card can create a complex labyrinth as her own personal territory.

Second Deck of Cards, nicknamed 'Stupid Cards'. For some reasons, Miki still keeps
another deck of cards that has no decorations. This deck has no magic whatsoever, but it
serves a nice purpose to just fling them at your enemies.

STR = 4/5
SPI = 5/5
END = 3/5
TAC = 2/5

Voice: ;Emilie De Rochefort voiced by Laura Blanc 

RP Information: Preferably comments or chatroom. Notes or Google Doc.
Preferably script, but lit is fine. Prepare for an English eyeburn tho.  

Hey guys, it’s me XBakaNinGyoX. In case any of you don’t know, I also have a Tumblr account (very active.) but I’m opening up a PayPal Commission on both DeviantArt and Tumblr. I need some money to prepare myself for school next year. Please do support me by spreading or commissioning me~ 


- I accept Paypal only.
- I have the right to increase the price if I find the commission too hard or time-consuming.
- I will also have the right to decline your request.
- I will only begin work after payment is sent. 
- The canvas size will be at a standard 2000 x 2000. 
- Please do not expect me to be done in a weeks flat because I can’t. Unless I’m super free from daily house chores, gaming and other activities.
- Only in USD currency. 
- My work is purely digital. Note me if you would like to commission for traditional work.

My examples are in 400x400 and in jpeg to conserve space and time. 

☠ Sketch Commission (will not be in colour) - 4USD





☠ Headshot Sketch Commission (will not be in colour) - 1USD !



☠ Chibi - 6USD



☠ Semi - Chibi - 8USD 





☠ Headshot - 11USD

Example : 


☠ Waist up / Thigh up  - 18USD

Example : 


☠ Full body - 23USD 

Example : 



☠ Character Reference Sheet - 70USD

*This will include a front view and 3/4 from the back view full body, 3 expressions, colour palette and a simple background ( This is like a few bucks off. )
**Please include in a very detail description of the character in the note. We might need to hold a long discussion.

Example: -not yet- -see 1st example of fullbody above to get a hint-

☠ **Small animation - (Opening Soon)**

☠ Background:

- Transparent/white - FREE OMG
- Simple background - 1USD
- Not-so simple background - 11USD

Double the character is double the price, **interacting (Opening soon)** or not.


- Original Character ( OC ) / Fanart


- Mecha / Furries / Animals
- Mild gore
- Complicated perspective view


- Another artist’s style
- Porn/hentai/nudity/yuri/yaoi

Please comment for more inquiry.

If you are indeed keen on commissioning me, please note me with the message down below and fill it up..

- Paypal e-mail:
- Order info
 • Type: 
 • Pose: 
 • Reference: 
 • Background:
- Total: (Just add it all up. I’ll double check, so no worries.)

Commissioner List

I’ll take at most 10 people.


XBakaNinGyoX has started a donation pool!
4,191 / 5,251
Requests, commissions - closed closed by Angi-Shy

i love you - plain and simple by hollyhox

What if somewhere, there was a family like Tk; where there would be this obbsessive dad, who would sit and complain about line art and commissions all day. Then the mom who was named Tiny. And The aunt named Nin, and she was a serial killer.
Then a Kawa, who is very adorable. And Kehira, who would make whale noises.
And Knot, who would be the mature one, along with a China.
Then there's Shota, our favourite shota.
Also don't forget Fuu, the adorable artist.
Candie is the princess that ends up getting carried by Kehira.
Silver, the doorman.


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Not Elmo
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
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Languages : English, Wapanese, Malay
Mediums used : Tablet WACOM, Paint Tool SAI
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Daily Routine : Sleep, Eat, Bath, Breathe, Nintendo3DS taimu, animu taimu, draw, Daydream, MP3, Read, RP
Why this? : Because I'm bored and dying here.

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